Vegan Eats in Bend, Oregon – 037

Vegans in Bend

Join us as we travel to the beautiful high desert area of Eastern Oregon known as Bend and the Crooked River area. Vegan restaurants, a dairy expo, and a river view. We also visited the Out-to-Pasture Farm Sanctuary in Estacada!

Podcast Transcript:

Good morning from Bend, Oregon. Wake up, everyone. It’s time to be vegan. Thanks for joining us on this episode number 037 of the Two Vegans on a Mission Podcast. This week, we’re sharing another fairground spot, a BLM spot and a casino spot.

Then, we have two new restaurant reviews and a report on our visit to a farm sanctuary, so stay tuned for a wonderful show!

Welcome to the Two Vegans on a Mission Podcast. I’m Louisa, and together with my husband Michael and our dog Sugar, we’re traveling and living full-time in a Winnebago Class C motorhome, visiting animal sanctuaries and animal rescues all across the country. Each week, we’ll share what new camping spots we’ve found, what great vegan meals we’ve eaten, and our latest vegan outreach activities, so please join us as we strive to inspire, educate, and support you in your efforts to be vegan!

Camping over the mountain

The first campground that we came to as we crossed the mountains into Bend, Oregon area was actually in a place called Redmond. As usual, I found this one using our Campendium app on the iPhone, and this one was a fairgrounds in Redmond called Deschutes County Expo RV Park. Now, I put a review on Campendium, and this is what I wrote. “The $35 price reflects a Good Sam discount. Staff were friendly and accommodating. We got the last back-in. There were no pull-throughs available. Some guests are traveling with farm animals to show for an FFA or a 4-H or some kind of show.”

We were there during the dairy and goat show. Get a load of that, two vegans at the dairy/goat show! That was a little weird feeling. We were parked right next to a goat carrier with lots of hay and goat poo all around!

Thankfully, there were no flies. The showers were old-school, meaning you get a private shower, but then, you have to dress in the main room, which was very busy, lots of kids, and lots of parents putting on makeup and doing their hair. It was very busy, but all around, the park was quiet, but there was absolutely no Wi-Fi working.

To me, the best thing about this RV Park actually was the extremely scenic drive on Mount Hood Highway. You go through a winding highway up the mountain, and you see Mount Hood. It is densely packed with pine trees, lots of streams on both sides of the freeway, and just a lovely drive all the way into Bend itself, so definitely would recommend, if nothing else, going up Mount Hood Highway and taking that scenic drive. The RV Park, again, yeah, they were very accommodating. It was flat.

The bathrooms were clean. Nothing really special. There were lots of carriers for animals, which we always are extremely concerned about because at the end of the day, we’ve heard that these goats, sheep, cows end up in slaughter houses. They’re put on show before then, but we didn’t feel real comfortable about that. We didn’t know that that existed before we went to the RV Park. Perhaps, we would have stayed at a different place. However, if you’re passing through Redmond, Oregon, it is a nice place to stay.

Crooked River BLM Camping

The next night, we wanted to travel a little bit further to the river, and so we headed into Bend.  We’ve found Bend is a bustling city, full of all the different stores you might need, in fact, packed with all the stores that you might want! It’s very crowded, and we review a restaurant that we ate in the following day in the next part of our episode, but in the meantime, we went down to the BLM part of the river. It was called Lower Palisades Campground.

It was $8 a night, but because we have the Senior Pass, we only had to pay $4. You have to pay $2 extra for your extra vehicle, so we only paid $1 for that because it’s half price with your Senior Pass. Yay, we love the Senior Pass!

These spots are right on the water. You get to pull up right next to the river, and you get to watch as the fly fishermen stand out there in the river and try to catch a fish.  You get to watch the swallows that are going into the cave over across the way. Almost every single spot in this campground … Well, there are only 13, but every single one of them had a river view. You’re right up on it or you’re right across the street from it, but one spot is not very good because you can’t see the river. You can hear it, but you can’t see it. Most of the spots are pull-through, and there are no hookups.

Absolutely no water, no electric and no sewer, but there is a vault toilet, and it was very well-maintained, so it was nice and clean, and of course, it has lots of toilet papers, so no worries about that, but it is a very isolated kind of campground. I bet on the weekend is pretty busy, but we were there during the week. It was very quiet. It was very peaceful, and at night, it got chilly enough to where we didn’t have to worry about not having any electricity. Of course, this was in July in Bend, and we were closer to Prineville, I suppose than we were to Bend at that point.

When you think about retiring, this is what you dream about, being in an area that’s isolated, and beautiful scenery, rugged terrain, and the ability to take your car, your tent, your hikes, literally five to 10 feet away from the crooked river, which runs on this particular area. On the opposite side of the river, you have the steep mountains that are full of pine trees again, and just absolutely quiet, and yes, you are off the grid. I don’t believe we even had cellular coverage there, but for a day or two, we were fine with that. The neighbors around us were peaceful. Everybody was having a great time.

We literally could walk out our front door, and within 10 feet, stick our feet in the water. Although we don’t fish, it was just really beautiful to watch the fly fishermen trying to fish there. They didn’t catch anything, but it was certainly relaxing, and we just really love this particular area, and I hope we can get back to it and spend a few more days. Definitely put that high on your list of places to visit when you’re in Oregon!

To round out our stay in this area, we decided to spend the last night at a casino, Indian Head Casino off of Highway 26 in Warm Springs, Oregon. Now, this was one of those places where you’re driving along after about an hour and you say, “Hey, we need to spend the night. Here’s a Campendium recommendation. It’s free.” This casino did not even require us to register at the door.

Usually in security, we’re supposed to go in and tell them we’re there. They asked us nothing. We went in and asked, and they said,

“No, we don’t care.” Then, we parked out in the parking lot. We found a really nice spot where we thought we were level, and there was absolutely nobody else out there!

In the middle of the night, a big, huge Class A did pull right up in front of us, and it was really, really loud! I thought some kind of airliner thathad landed right next to us, but I couldn’t see anything out the window, so I really had no idea until the morning when I’d walked Sugar.  And there, behold… in front of us was this huge Class A, pulling a big jeep and pulling bicycles and all sorts of things behind it! Huge, huge, huge!

But, at least they had space to park in front of us. Of course, they could’ve parked anywhere in this big parking lot because nobody else was out there. We always find that fascinating, that people find you and park right next to you. Maybe they thought we had a secret!

Again, this one was absolutely free. Remember, we like free. The casinos that we found offer a lot of wide spacing, but sometimes they just tell you no. They don’t want you there. Other times, they want you to sign up for their club cards and maybe spend 10 to $20, which isn’t bad, and then other times, they just say, “Oh, you can stay there up to three to 14 days.”

“Fine. Just come visit us,” so we really appreciate the casinos across this country. It is an alternative to places like Walmart, and Cracker Barrel, and places like that, so please put that on your list of places to stay. We talk to RVers all the time, and they always look at us funny when we mention we stay at casinos, but they really are a wonderful opportunity, a place to stay, and they generally are patrolled by the casino, so you have security, you have other RVers there who are like-minded, and it’s just a great place to stay!

That wraps up the reviews on the camp spots this week, but when we return to the podcast, we’re going to tell you all about the vegan restaurants we ate at, so stay tuned!

Welcome back to the podcast. Thank you again for joining us! Now, we get to talk about our second favorite thing to do, and that’s eat. Of course, we like to eat vegan food only, and we like to eat at only-vegan restaurants, but sometimes we have to make do.

This time, we were in Bend, Oregon, and Michael found, of course on HappyCow a restaurant called Fix & Repeat. Now, this could be like a hair salon, Fix & Repeat, so you really can’t tell by the name of the restaurant what it is, but it was really yummy! It had a patio where we could bring Sugar in, put her in her little carrier so that she could stay underneath the table and be with us, because she likes to be with us and we like to have her with us! In the meantime, let’s hear what it was all about.

Fix & Repeat Restaurant is located on the outside of Bend, away from the hustle and bustle, and I guess they call it their downtown section of Bend, Oregon. Anyway, there were a lot of little restaurants and food trucks in the area, and also, it was pleasant to have a lunch on the patio. The Fix & Repeat is a 100% whole-food, plant-based vegan restaurant, and their mission statement talks about that they mean more than just to fix your body and repeat sports again. They strive to fix the planet and the community around us. That’s pretty cool when you can look beyond just a meal on your plate, and there’s a restaurant really active, trying to make things a little bit better, and their food was better.

I really enjoyed my bowl of Summer Quinoa. This orange-scented quinoa, which I’ve never tasted before was so delicious, roasted chickpeas, lemon vinaigrette, roasted pistachios, which I thought was a excellent touch since that’s the nuts that I really, really enjoy, mint basil, parsley and lemon, arugula, and then they finished it off with some chili flakes. I thought for $12, that was a reasonable price for this wonderful, prepared meal that this restaurant gives back to the community!

Then, of course, I loved my salad! It was called a Big Salad, which it was. It was $12.50, which at first I thought was, “Oh my gosh, that’s really expensive for a salad,” but again, I was able to have it for two meals.

It had mixed greens, avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, red bell pepper, snap peas, spiced hummus and hemp seeds, and it was really good. I enjoyed it and I took home half of it for the next day’s lunch, but I also had a chaser of a shot of cayenne pepper with some lemon and some ginger and turmeric, and it was supposed to be helping me get rid of my cold, which I still have!

That didn’t really help, but it felt like it should have helped, and it was very tasty. We enjoyed that. That was $3 for the shot, and I really recommend this place because it was fresh, it was refreshing, and we enjoyed the freshness out on the patio!

The next restaurant we want to review is called the Laughing Planet. Surprisingly, it is a chain around the western states, and Michael found it again on HappyCow.

Now, we found this one specifically because it’s close to my parents’ home in Vancouver, Washington, and we wanted to find places where they might frequent in the future. Now, this restaurant is not all vegan. You do have to go in and specify that you want to make sure that the entrees that you choose are veganized, I like to say.

The persons behind the counter have to know what is in the recipe and in the item that you’re choosing so that they can help you make the right decision. That is not always the case, and so the nice, young man that helped us was able to get the manager to come over and clarify some of the menu items for me, and then I was able to order things that we knew we wanted to have my parents try. The first item was the Kale Caesar Salad, which I got a large at $7.

It was a house-made Caesar dressing, roasted chickpeas, and nutritional yeast and lemon. It was actually very tasty. I enjoyed it. I was a little worried about the crunchiness of the chickpeas. My mom said she was worried about cracking a tooth, so she didn’t need those, but we did enjoy the salad part.

We also had two bowls. We had the Thai Bowl and the Harvest Bowl at $9 each. The Thai bowl had baked organic tofu, garlic green beans, and steamed broccoli on brown rice. It was topped with cilantro, lime slaw and Thai lemongrass peanut sauce. It was tasty!

I’m not a big fan of Thai food actually, so that wasn’t my favorite, but then we also had the Harvest Bowl. This one had quinoa, Smart black beans … I don’t know what Smart black beans are, but they were actually very tasty. It came also with sauteed kale, tempeh, avocado, cilantro-lime slaw, and pumpkin seeds with Killer Green sauce served on the side. I was assured it was vegan. Then, we had the Grilled Veggie Quesadilla, which was grilled veggies, jack cheese … Oops, we got rid of the jack cheese, and they said they put in vegan cheese, the queso fresco, and they got rid of that, and they just used the vegan cheese, and then again, the Killer Green sauce.

I really enjoyed that Grilled Veggie Quesadilla, and I would have that one again. Then, we had the burrito. The burrito we had was a Spinach and Black Bean. That burrito was $7. It was, again full of Smart black beans, steamed spinach, and the vegan cheese with some brown rice and pico de gallo.

I really enjoyed that one as well. The Grilled Veggie Quesadilla was $6.25, so this was actually a very expensive meal. Came to around $40. We had four of us, so $10 each! We brought the food home.

Everybody had some samples of each other’s food, so it was really a great example of how to share a vegan meal, and you get to try the ones that you want, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to try it. Then, we had leftovers, so we always like leftovers for tomorrow lunch or dinner.

The food was good, and one of the things I really love about the Laughing Planet for vegan options there, up and down the coast, western coast, so if you’re traveling along and you just have to go out and eat, and you can’t find that favorite place of your 100% vegan restaurant, this is a good alternative!

Finally, for our restaurant reviews this week, we’re going to talk about how we bought four burgers from Carl’s Jr.. Now, we don’t really like Carl’s Jr. because of all the animal products that they use and all the animals that are killed in the process, but we are trying to introduce family members who are not vegan two options. This Carl’s Jr. was only half a block from my parents’ home, and that gives them another alternative if they want to drive through and get something healthy or healthier.

Of course we don’t really believe that any fast food burgers… Beyond Meat, Impossible Burger are something that you should eat all the time, but in order to introduce people who like the flesh of animals that they might want to try something different, a burger from Carl’s Jr. is an option. My mom’s idea, actually it was, she says,

“How about if we have some fast food hamburgers from one of those fast food restaurants that might have some vegan burgers?” I said,

“Oh gosh. Okay,” so we tried to go to Burger King, but they don’t have the Impossible Burger here in Vancouver until August, the lady told me, so we went to Carl’s Jr., and yes, they do have the Beyond Meat Burger, but you have to go in there and order it like this. You cannot just say,

“I’d like one of those Beyond Meat Burgers please, because it has regular cow’s milk cheese and it has mayo, which is made from eggs, and you know eggs are the worst thing you can eat, if you ask me. Please ask them to leave the mayo off and leave the cheese off, and then you get to go home and put your own mustard, which is a really good thing to have on your burger. Put some mustard on that. My parents actually said it was tasty!

Now, I don’t know if they really meant it or they only said that because we were there, but they enjoyed it, and it’s kind of expensive. The lady in the store told me that,

“Yes, they have to charge $2 more for each of the Beyond Meat patties, which I think is outrageous, and so we will probably never go back to Carl’s Jr.’s, but it was an alternative. It is an alternative if you want to go in there and enjoy lunch with your friends if they are not vegan. You can have a vegan meal with the Beyond Meat Burger at Carl’s Jr.’s.

That wraps up the restaurant reviews for this week, and when we get back to the podcast, we’re going to talk about our vegan outreach activities for the week, so stay tuned!

Welcome back to the podcast, everyone, and thank you again for being here. Now, if you want to go see any of the pictures that we take of any of these food items that we mentioned, you could go to our Instagram page @heaveninaclassc, and, of course if you want a transcript of this week’s episode or any episode of the podcast, you can go to our website at, and please leave a comment there or on Instagram. We can’t really tell who’s listening on the podcast because there are no places for you to leave a comment on a podcast, but if you have any questions or concerns, or if you want to fix something that we might have said incorrectly, go ahead and tell us that on an Instagram post or on the website. We’d really appreciate it. You can also leave us a review on iTunes.

That would be really fun to read. In the meantime, here we are. We are talking about this week’s vegan outreach activities, and there weren’t a lot of animal rights activities going on in Portland this weekend, which was really odd because Portland is really, really a great town for these kinds of activities that take place.

However, on Friday night, we were able to go to the Lights for Liberty walk, which was held in Portland, down at the Terry Shrunk Plaza. Then, we were able to walk across the Hawthorne Bridge, and we met up with about a thousand other people who were walking. This was in support of the immigrants who are coming across the border and are being held in detention camps, and are not being treated very well.

We wanted to show our solidarity with them, and that we do not support the way they are being treated, and we want our government to change the way they are treating these people who are coming across our border. We want them to be able to enter our country with the legal rights that they need to have, but we also know that they need to be processed properly.

We want them to be held in these places with some dignity, and so we really hope that our government will step up and do the right thing.

At this time, I want to give a shout out to Marika and Makayla, who made it to the sanctuary that we went to on Saturday. This sanctuary was called Out to Pasture Animal Sanctuary. It is out in Estacada, Oregon. They have llamas, pigs, pot-belled pigs, and they have a bunch of donkeys, and a bunch of goats, and then they were able to take in some of the little baby pigs that were in a hoarding situation. They were able to rescue these little piglets, and it was so nice to be out there and talk with Kit and John, who are in charge and own this sanctuary!

Then, we had a nice conversation with Diane who volunteers. She’s been volunteering out there for about six years, she said, and she introduced us to the huge pigs, which are named Barbie and Skipper. Then, they also have another pig called Paprika, who’s a little bit spicy, and she does not really like to socialize.

It was so fun to know that these pigs have personalities and they are really, really having a great time living the rest of their lives out on this wonderful place out in Estacada. Another thing that was really nice about our day out there is Jacqui and Joseph from RV Adventures With Pets. We were able to meet up with them again from when we  were back in Santa Barbara area.

We had breakfast with them in Carpinteria, and at that time, we called them the Roving Vegans because that’s their podcast name. Now, they’re switching to a YouTube channel, and it’s called RV Adventures With Pets.

So, go there and check them out if you would and give them a thumbs up and subscribe to their channel. Shout out to Joseph and Jacqui who are our friends in the vegan world!

Finally, I’d like to give a shout out to my brother, Scott and his wife Sheryl, who also met us out at the sanctuary. It was down the street from their home actually.

It was so fun that they came out and saw kind of the things that we do as we travel around the country, visiting the different sanctuaries, and they were able to have some vegan food. Tofurky apparently donated a whole bunch of hot dogs, and then there was a big bake sale, and we participated in all of that because we love vegan brownies, and they also had some vegan cinnamon rolls, which were delicious. Then, we sat around and chatted for the afternoon in a wonderfully warm summer day in Estacada, Oregon, and so shout out to Scott and Sheryl.

Thanks for coming out there and meeting up with us! We’re glad you took some time out of your day to see what it is we do with our life.

That brings us again to the end of another podcast episode.

Thank you for joining us, and look at our Instagram page. Look at our website please, and join us next week as we continue our travels across the country. We’re going to be heading out to the beach. We like to go over to Lincoln City and see what we can see over there. It’s a beautiful time of year to be in Oregon!

Then, we’re going to be traveling up the coast into Washington, and eventually talk about the different vegan restaurants we find along the way, so join us, won’t you? And, as always, be vegan!

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