“Snooze” – San Antonio

BRAVOcado Toast – Vegan Style

From the menu:

“Rustic bread toasted with garlic oil, smashed avocado, red onion honey jam and roasted tomato. Topped with citronette & Parmesan dressed greens and two cage free sunny side up eggs.”

This needed some adjustments, obviously, but the waiter and chef worked with me, without problem. Here’s how I ate it:

Rustic bread toasted, {NO OIL}, smashed avocado, {NO RED ONION HONEY JAM} and roasted tomato. Topped with {NO CITRONETTE & PARMESAN] greens. {NO EGGS}.

From looking at the picture you can see that I added some of my husband’s pico de gallo which gave it some flavor. It was tasty, but a little bland without the flavors that were supposed to be on the toast.

Price: $9

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