Camping Portland Style – 036

Sandy, Oregon! We’re going to talk about moochdocking, casino-docking, RVing in a resort-style setting, and the county park. We have three new restaurant reviews and a recap of the vegan outreach activities we participated in. So, here we go.


Welcome to the Two Vegans on a Mission Podcast. I’m Louisa, and together with my husband, Michael, and our dog, Sugar, we’re traveling and living full-time in a Winnebago Class C motorhome, visiting animal sanctuaries and animal rescues all across the country. Each week, we’ll share what new camping spots we’ve found, what great vegan meals we’ve eaten, and our latest vegan outreach activities. So, please join us as we strive to inspire, educate, and support you in your efforts to be vegan!

Many of you may be familiar with the area and know that since we are in Sandy, Oregon, we are also still very close to Portland. So, we’re able to participate and visit lots of different places in and around the city, and we were going to a wedding on July 5th. We got to hang out with my parents who live in Vancouver, Washington.

So, we did some moochdocking, and moochdocking means you get to pull up your RV in front of a friend or family’s house and just hang out in their driveway or on the side of their house or in their street. That way you don’t have to pay for an RV park, but you don’t really get to do anything like plug-in or use any sewer, obviously! So, it’s boondocking in front of family and friends, and that’s called moochdocking.

We did a couple of days, and then we needed some electricity because it was getting a little cloudy in Portland. Go figure, right? So, we ended up having to go over to an RV park,. The first one we went to was called Sandy RV Resort. It’s located actually in Troutdale, Oregon, and its really nicely situated next to the river, but it’s expensive for our taste. It was $46, but there are full hook-ups and a nice laundry facility, nice restroom, and shower facilities as well. But it was packed, and we were just happy to get a spot!

Yes. It was packed, but it was also situated by the beautiful Sandy River. You could walk right from your RV down to the little small beach area and you could walk in the water, go kayaking, also paddle-boarding, and it’s really beautiful down there. So, that was my highlight of this RV park.

And we stayed there two nights, and then we drove up to a casino called Ilani. It’s spelled I-L-A-N-I, but it’s pronounced Ilani. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. But it was free, and we like free. It was in the parking lot. So, Michael’s going to tell you what that was like.

So, this is one of the most beautiful tribal casinos that we’ve stayed at! It’s a brand-new casino. They had a big buffet, lots of shopping areas inside, and very beautiful. The RV park, on the other hand, still needs a lot of work. It’s used by a lot of truckers. It was all dirt. It was at least a quarter-mile from the actual casino itself and very noisy throughout the night.

Yeah. Basically, it was just the parking lot, and the truckers keep their diesel engines running all night long! So, it was noisy. It was loud. We probably won’t go back there, even though it’s free. We like free, you know that, but we will find a different casino next time. We spent the remainder of the week at a county park called Barton in the little town of Barton, which is near Boring, Oregon. And yes, that is a name called Boring. I grew up there; that’s how I know. It is not really boring, but that’s the name of it. So, I could belabor that point for a long time!

Needless to say, we went to Barton County Park, and it was very nice. I was surprised because I didn’t even know it existed. Michael will tell you his take.

This county park was very accommodating. One side had tents and RVs, but we stayed on the side with just RVs, and it was flat, well-maintained, showers were okay. But what I really enjoyed about it, they had some really small hiking trails where you could hike through the Pacific Northwest, and what that means specifically is it just feels like you’re all alone in a world with tall pine trees, the ferns. Everything’s a little bit damp from rain all the time there, very beautiful. And it also leads down to a river, which was very quiet and peaceful. We took some good videos down there.

Definitely would recommend if you’re in this area to stay at Barton Park.

We really liked Barton Park in that it was only $28 for the evening, and you get to stay for 14 days, I believe, and then you have to leave. We weren’t staying that long, but most people, if they’re out camping for the summer, that would be really nice place to stay. You do have to make reservations or, if you get lucky, you could drive up but it’s kind of far out off of the main highway with a windy road all the way up there.

So, it would be better if you made reservations, and then you want to make sure you’re on the east side if you don’t have a tent because if you’re on the west side, there are lots of tents with lots of campfires and it’s very crowded over there…lots of families, which we love families but it tends to be a little more crowded when you have lots of families around.

So, we really enjoyed this campground. We’ll probably go back there. The only problem that we had was we left one day in the evening and we did not get back until about 10:30 at night. And yes, we had read the sign that said gates close at 10:00, but we have never had the situation except for the one at Dockweiler Beach we talked about a few episodes ago where the gate’s closed and you can’t get in, but you could always get out.

And so we figured you can go in the out side or maybe we’ll just leave our little tow car up up in the parking lot outside and walk to our RV if we were totally not able to get in. But then we thought, what about people who have an emergency and need to be able to leave, like you need to go to the hospital or something? The gate was absolutely locked!

There was no getting in, no getting out, but there was a security guard there and so we asked him and he kind of looked at us like we were idiots, like

“You know it closed at 10:00.” He didn’t say that, but that was the attitude, and then he said he’ll have to get the Ranger. Well, he got the Ranger. The Ranger let us in and no problem!

But you wonder what really would happen and I asked him,

“What happens if there’s an emergency?” And the ranger said,

“Oh, you just have to find the camp host and wake them up, or you find the ranger.” And I’m thinking in an emergency, don’t really have time to do all of that, but that’s not my problem. So, just beware, you cannot come back in after 10:00 unless you are lucky enough to find the Ranger!

So, when we return to this episode after this break, we’re going to talk about the restaurants, of course, that we went to in Portland because did you know that there are probably more than 30 all vegan restaurants on the list that we got from Pacific Northwest Veg?

It’s PNW Veg. They have a website, I believe, but if you go there and find… They’ll give you the list of all the different vegan restaurants, hundred percent vegan! So, we had to go try them, of course, and when we return to the podcast, you’ll get to hear about some more!

Thank you for joining us again. We’re going to tell you about the first restaurant we went to with our new friends, Terry and Ken, and we are going to tell you that we went to a place called The Bye and Bye. It was a vegan bar restaurant, which was very unique for us. We hadn’t gone to one of those yet, but this one was situated in the heart of Portland, of course, and Michael’s going to tell you what he thought about it.

So, The Bye and Bye is a 100% plant-based restaurant, and one of the things I really wanted to make sure when we were here in Portland was to go to only restaurants or establishments that were 100% vegan whole food plant-based restaurants, and this one really fit that description. The Bye and Bye has lots of veggie bowls. They have a full bar, and then the thing that I really love, they have patios on the front and the back side and they’re really dog-friendly. As you all know, we travel with our long-haired Chihuahua, Sugar, and it just makes it really comfortable knowing that we could take her in there and have a nice meal and enjoy the day.

The bowl (pictured above) that I chose was a barbecue platter just like the old days when I was not vegan, but this one was 100% plant-based! It had barbecue tofu, black-eyed peas, collard greens, and garlic bread. Yummy! Tastes delicious! I loved the barbecue sauce that they put on there, and knowing that it was 100% plant-based was so wonderful!  So, that’s my take. If you’re in Portland, there’s so many choices. Make sure that The Bye and Bye is one of them that you choose.

I had the Southwest Bowl, which had lots of yummy things in it; tofu, collard greens, red beans, and rice. And it was such a big bowl that I took half of it home for lunch the next day. It was very tasty, and I enjoyed the patio setting as well, and you can also get a glass of wine while you have your lunch or dinner, and so that was a very nice treat in the heart of Portland!

The next restaurant we want to review is called Sushi Love, and it was in a place called Picnik Park, which was really quite fun because it had all the different food trucks in it! And Michael found this one again on Happy Cow, and so we had to go find Sushi Love. I had heard about this place because when you are looking for sushi and you have a family friend or family member who loves sushi, you got to find something that they might be able to eat. So, I wanted to try this one out.

So, this is actually in the Sellwood section of Portland, and it’s a food truck that does sushi. And I had Don’t Be Shellfish. Of course, there was no fish involved, but it had oyster-mushrooms, avocado, cucumbers, and a spicy mayo that was, I would say on a scale of five, about a three in spice level, and it was made perfectly for me!

I had the Mother of Dragons. It was only $7. It was marinated tofu, asparagus, mushrooms, topped with avocado and some kind of sauce, which was really yummy! I really enjoyed this one, and then I also got a side of one of the California-type rolls because those are typically vegan, and this one was absolutely delicious. And so I say “yay, go to Sushi Love!” I thought the prices were very good, too. And so we will probably go back there next time we’re in Portland.

So, the picnic in the park or Picnik Park had other vegan options as well, and this one was called Bake on the Run. Now, this one was not total vegan, which is kind of against our policy these days, but the guy who was running it was so nice. He called out to us as we’re waiting for the sushi and said,

“Hey, come over here and try this,” and he gave us free sample. We told him we were vegan, and he said,

“Hey, hey. Come back some other time and get some of our food.” And so we did. We went back there on the 4th of July and we had some lentil soup, which was very yummy, and then we had the same thing, I think, in a baked kind of breaded thing that was huge! And again, these are probably $10 each for the two of us.

So, we spent $20 for that. The food was so filling, I couldn’t finish it that night. So, I brought my lentil soup back for the next day and had it for lunch, which is one of my favorite things to do, have dinner the next day for lunch. So, we say shout out to you guys over at Bake on the Run. It’s very yummy food from Guyana, and you need to drop in and either get the Sushi Love for one meal and get the Bake on the Run at the other place for the next meal. You will not be disappointed!

As a throwback to our previously scheduled episodes when we used to talk about who knew, we’re going to tell you about our who knew experience here in the Portland area. Who knew that Dave’s Killer Bread is headquartered here in Portland? And did you know that Bob’s Red Mill is also right across the street from there? Michael, did you know that?

No. I was not aware that those places existed in Portland, and it was really cool because we use those products! How cool was that? Dave’s Killer Bread, we love it because it has tons of fiber and it tastes delicious!  Wonderful with avocado toast, almond butter. I also use it with my black bean burgers. We just love that bread, and the cool thing is this corporation has given people a second chance to redeem themselves. I think a third of their employees have had criminal backgrounds, and just trying to do good nowadays. So, shout out to the Dave’s Killer Bread being in Portland!

And then we went across the street to Bob’s Red Mill.

Bob’s Red Mill actually has a Red Mill out front, and if you want to see a picture, you can go to our Instagram “@heaveninaclassc“, and yep, there I am pointing at the Red Mill right up there across the street, even with water. And so I really had a wow moment when we walked into the store because it’s got a restaurant also, and every shelf has Bob’s Red Mill flour, grains, muesli, all those products that you see on the one or two shelves when you go into your local grocery store! Michael, tell us what you thought about the employee-owned company.

So, Bob’s Red Mill is an employee-owned company also, and it was just nice seeing this company because when I transitioned to being a vegan, I always looked to this corporations whole grains. They have just tons of wonderfulness in terms of grains and cereals and just goodness, and the important thing for both of us, a foundation of our whole food plant-based eating are grains, more grains, and grains again!

Yeah. We laugh about that, but it’s so serious because a lot of people, when they transition to being plant-based or vegan, they say,

“Oh my gosh, I’m just so afraid of carbs.” And if they’re trying to lose weight, carbs might be something they need to watch. However, if you cut out all of the yucky stuff that you’ve been eating, all of the animal products, all of the oils, then you can eat whole grains!

You can eat the whole grain pastas, not the white ones necessarily, but the rye and the barley, things like that. But you want to eat whole-grain, and Bob’s Red Mill is so full of whole grains that there’s so many choices that you can have for your pasta, but we do a lot of pasta with black beans, garbanzo beans, or kale and all sorts of vegetables that we throw in there. So, there’s no reason to be afraid of the grains, guys. You got to eat the grains!

And I know that some people say, “Well, I’m going to do a stir fry” where they just stir up some vegetables, throw that on some rice and call that dinner. But where’s the beans? Where is the wholeness of your meal? And you’ll be hungry if you don’t! Throw in those beans! So, add the beans to your whole grains and you will be healthier!

So, that ends this section of the podcast, but when we return, we’re going to talk about the activism that we did this week. So, stay tuned.

And we’re back. Thanks for joining us and being here for us every week. Portland has a very active animal-rights scene, and it’s so fun because you get to meet all sorts of people who have the same kinds of ideas that we do. And I met up again with Matt, Andrea, and Chelsea when we went to the Portland Central Library on a Tuesday night to hear Steven Wise speak.

He spoke about the Non-human Rights Project that he’s headed, and he has a couple of TED Talks on the subject. So, check those out. He also has a documentary called Unlocking the Cage, which is wonderful – about how we are trying to get animals to be able to have the rights that humans have so that we can then give them the protections that they deserve. It’s a hot topic. It’s a difficult topic, and it’s a complicated topic, but Steve Wise is a professor at all sorts of different universities.

Here in Portland, he’s at Lewis and Clark College, and he was giving a six or eight week summer session on animal rights. And so check that out if you want to, but I really suggest you go onto the TED Talk and look him up. Again, his name is Steven Wise. Might be Steven Wize, but it is spelled Steven Wise, and you should enjoy that.

Then I also met up again with Matt, Andrea, and Chelsea, Marika, and David over in Beaverton for a Saturday morning Anonymous for the Voiceless Cube of Truth that was held at the Beaverton Farmers Market, which was huge! That market is amazing. If you get a chance to go to the farmers market in Beaverton, go to that one. It’s on Saturday morning, and I don’t know exactly what time it starts, but we were there from 10:00 until 1:00, and then they told us that the farmers market ends at 2:00.

So, we were there for three hours. We did a lot of outreach, trying to show people the truth because the dairy industry, the meat industry, and big pharma have been lying to us for years and years and years! They talk about happy cows and how everybody needs milk and we know now, scientists have proven, that those things are not necessary for a healthy diet! So, we try to show people the truth about how animals are treated as they go to slaughter, and then that opens up a conversation then we can have.

So, I love the Cube of Truth because it is graphic details about what goes on in the industry that people would not normally see, and we get to show them. If they choose to look, then we talk with them. If they don’t choose to look, they just walk by. We don’t chase them. We are not angry vegans.

And then what I was also able to do at this one was some “chalktivism”  which I had not really gotten involved with before, but I saw that some people did that and I really like the idea. So, I found an Instagram page called Vegan Chalk Challenge, and I went there and saw some ideas.

And then I had some chalk, and Chelsa and I drew some nice words. We wrote,

“Be kind, be vegan,” and we drew a big heart. It was very cute and very colorful, and then we tried to draw a cow with lots of flowers on her head, but that one was a little different. We’re going to work on our artistic ability. We have to practice! But the idea was to get people just to look and to see what we were doing there and be another way to attract people and maybe get them into a conversation!

So, I want to just give another shout out to Matt, Andrea, Chelsea, David, Priya, and Marika for a successful outreach activity and for spending the week at different activities! I appreciate your activism!

So, thus ends another episode of Two Vegans on a Mission Podcast. Join us next week as we round out our trip here to the Portland area. We take a side trip over to Bend and Prineville and find some vegan options over there as well.

So, join us next week! And if you want to in the meantime, go to our Instagram “@heaveninaclassc.” Leave us a comment there. We’d love to hear from you, or you can also go to our website at In the meantime, be healthy and, be vegan!


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