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Visiting San Francisco

We visited the San Francisco area and participated in several animal rights activities. The Cube of Truth is one of my favorites put on by the Anonymous for the Voiceless organization. You too, can get involved!

Intro to Episode 34

Good morning from Petaluma, California. Wake up everybody! This is episode 034 of “The Two Vegans on a Mission” podcast. Thanks for joining us! We’ve got four new campground reviews in and around the San Francisco Bay area for you. The restaurant reviews are from the Loving Hut restaurant and The Butcher’s Son. And then finally, we delve into The Cubes of Truth with Anonymous for the Voiceless. So, grab some vegan snacks and enjoy the show!

Intro to the Podcast

Welcome to “The Two Vegans on a Mission” podcast. I’m Louisa, and together with my husband, Michael, and our dog, Sugar, we’re traveling and living full time in a Winnebago Class C motor home visiting animal sanctuaries and animal rescues all across the country. Each week we’ll share what new camping spots we’ve found, what great vegan meals we’ve eaten, and our latest vegan outreach activities. Please join us as we strive to inspire, educate, and support you in your efforts to be vegan!

Sea Pines Golf Resort – a Harvest Hosts site review

So we were on the road again traveling, so that means we get to review several places that we stayed at along the route. We came up the 101 from San Diego area all the way up into San Francisco. We had several firsts. This will give you some ideas of where to stay along the way. As members of Harvest Hosts, we like to look ahead and see what might be available to us. We found a golf course that was in Morro Bay.

Now, this was our first golf course ever. What you do when you’re a member of Harvest Host, you call ahead and you ask if they will have any availability for your RV that evening or the next evening. I usually do it the same day because when we’re looking at where we want to go the next day, it’s usually past closing time and that was what happened. So I called the day of and spoke to a really nice person at the desk and they said, yes of course they could accommodate our 25 foot RV. I also said, though, that we don’t golf, is that a problem? But we would be able to maybe eat in their restaurant or go into the bar and have a glass of wine? They said, no problem at all. Just come on in to the hotel part and we would get set up.

We arrived after five o’clock-ish, but the nice young man behind the counter said he’s there until 11 so that wasn’t a problem. He showed us where to park. We couldn’t park exactly where he wanted us to right away because there were people still golfing and they were going to be golfing until sunset. We stayed on the side of the road for a little while, made our dinner, and then we noticed that yes, the people were gone from the golf club, so we drove over there and parked. It wasn’t really very level, but we maneuvered around till we figured out a nice spot. Then we took a walk down to see the bay, which was all under fog, so we couldn’t see much. Then we decided to go have a glass of wine.

The Sea Pines Golf Resort … The biggest takeaway I have of this really nice Harvest Hosts location is that the staff was extremely accommodating. Literally, they gave us the entire parking lot to park our RV. Also, when we went into the restaurant, it was kind of late. They had stopped serving dinner, but the hospitality inside of the bar was really welcoming and friendly and we would certainly recommend if you’re passing through this city along the coast, stop there and use the golf course.

I just want to end this section about the Harvest Hosts with a little plug for Harvest Hosts. We talk it up all the time, everywhere we go, when we meet people who have never heard of it before. Just in case you’re wondering, it’s $79 a year to be able to stay at wineries, breweries, distilleries, museums, different kinds of farms. If you want to join the one that has the golf courses, that one costs $119 for the year, and then they recommend that you pay $20 at a minimum if you’re buying the wines or you’re golfing so that you can pay back because remember, the Harvest Hosts do not get any fee. We don’t have to pay a fee to spend the night, but we get to use their facilities and buy something in their gift shop, perhaps, or in their bar so that you can support them!

So there we go. Harvest Hosts, go join them and we’ll see you out there.

Next, we moved on to the great city of Monterey, which is again on the coast. We were there during the U.S. Open and so there were lots of people in town and lots of road closures because everybody was out there at Pebble Beach watching the tournament. We, however, are not golfers, but we like to watch the Sunday show when we see the people who are finishing up and the winners. Other than that, we were so grateful that we were able to get a spot at the Monterey Pines RV Park, which is on another golf course. It’s a military spot, so Michael’s going to tell you about that.

This Department of Defense beautiful golf course is right along these magnificent multimillion dollar courses in Monterey…Pebble Beach. Specifically, their RV park is situated on the golf course itself tucked away in the back. Also there is a private airport there and we did hear little jets come over every now and then, but it wasn’t too disturbing.

This RV park is not very level, so if you are going to stay there, make sure you bring your leveling pads, et cetera. They have a small restroom for everyone to use and it was very busy while we were there. The big convenience of this place, that I would say, is really convenient to be in Monterey itself, which was really beautiful. Big tourist town, lots of golfing facilities, and along the California coast at a reasonable price!

Next, we headed on up the peninsula. We were going to go to the Santa Clara Anonymous for the Voiceless presentation, which is on Saturday morning at 9:00 with a wonderful farmer’s market! We needed a place close by and we didn’t want to pay the outrageous fees that San Francisco RV parks can charge because they are so rare.

But we found a fairgrounds in Santa Clara, which was $35 a night. There are no restroom facilities and no showers, but we did have full hookups. It’s like a parking lot again, but it at least was a spot where we felt safe, we felt welcomed, and we had a nice quiet night there. The best thing is, we could drive over to Anytime Fitness in the morning, which was right next to the place where we were doing The Cube of Truth, so it was very convenient. Again, $35 a night, not the best place, but very convenient for what we needed it for.

After The Cube of Truth, we went all the way up to Petaluma because we wanted to come back on Sunday for the Chicken Vigil that was being held in the heart of San Francisco on Sunday, Father’s Day. Michael’s going to tell you all about this Coast Guard Training Center RV Park in Petaluma, California.

Petaluma Lake Area Campground is actually located on the Petaluma Coast Guard Training Center. A very small RV park on their base. They have six sites. They have RVs, year-round, full hookups. The one thing they don’t have are showers on the site. You actually have to go to the gym on base, which was actually very beautiful. It’s a shower and gym combination. It’s in their hub center, which means that they have coffee, a library and their MWR.

The base itself is magnificent. We saw wild turkey, deer, ducks. They have a nice pond around the area. It’s a small base, so there’s training going on. We saw EMTs training in the morning. Just extremely quiet because you sit close to the ocean. The marine layer comes in and it really cools down the area 10 to 15 degrees toward the evening. It is a hidden treasure, so if you’re in Petaluma, you got to stop here and try to get a spot here!

And it was only $25 for the night, so we stayed two nights. We had electric and water hookups and then there’s a dump station on the premises. So we were able to drive there on our way out. We enjoyed it.

It was great to see everybody in San Francisco and in Santa Clara. When we return to the episode, we’re going to tell you all about the restaurants that we found in the area. So stay tuned.

Welcome back to the podcast. Now we’re going to talk about the food because we do like to talk about the food. If you want to see pictures of the food, you get to go to our Instagram, which is @heaveninaclassc, and you get to see all sorts of different food items that we’ve eaten and found on our travels. We were in Santa Clara and we were going to find a really great place to eat and we looked on Happy Cow and we found The Loving Hut, which was in the mall. We didn’t know it was in the mall, but we found it there. In the mall, it’s so crowded and lots of people running around. They have this really great sign that says The Loving Hut Vegan Cuisine. Woo-hoo, it’s getting more popular. Michael’s going to tell you what we had.

100% vegan restaurants are popping up all over. We found a wonderful restaurant in Westfield Mall in San Jose. It’s a really busy, busy, busy place. It’s called The Loving Hut and it reminds me of the Panda Express chains, except this is 100% vegan, which we absolutely love! I had a brown rice combo which actually had tofu, carrots, green peas, stir fry, vegan protein and a spring roll. And it was also very spicy. So delicious!

Yes, and of course, I had the noodles, I always like noodles, with the spring rolls, which were yummy. They had the sauce that comes with them and I had to ask the lady again,

“Are you sure this is all vegan?” She offered me to try the meat looking like thing, which I don’t like anything that looks like meat because it just makes me sick to my stomach to even think it might be meat. So I passed on that.

But I enjoyed what I had. It was very tasty and we almost had enough to bring home, but we didn’t bring it home. This meal was very reasonably priced, probably because it has a lot of traffic with all of that mall shopper stuff. We really, really appreciated being able to find The Loving Hut in Santa Clara. If you’re there, go visit them and enjoy.

One of the perks of traveling full time in your RV is you get to make your own food whenever you need to or whenever you want to. We usually make our breakfast every morning and then we find a restaurant that we could review for the afternoon, lunch or dinner. But we didn’t find very many in San Francisco, only because we had a difficult time parking. It was a Sunday, we decided we would go over to Berkeley and we had an array of places to choose from. Michael found The Butcher’s Son. Michael, take it away.


The Butcher’s Son – Restaurant Review

The Butcher’s Son is a chain that can be found in California. It’s a combination bakery and restaurant. I had a wonderful tuna melt, and let me tell you how they put this together. It was on sourdough bread, jackfruit, grilled mozzarella vegan cheese, smashed avocado and tomatoes. The portion size was huge! We were amazed with that. Also had a side salad. It was so much food that we skipped dessert. Just a really busy restaurant in Berkeley. You gotta try it when you’re in that area!

They did a really nice job with what we ate. I had a roast beef reuben, which is not what I really wanted, but I wanted to try something different than the tuna melt. Of course, Michael and I tried each other’s. We each had a half of each other’s sandwich. The reuben, according to the menu here, it says it’s served on toasted sliced New York rye with Russian dressing, grilled mozzarella, grilled onion, and sauerkraut. There’s some soy in there and some wheat and it might have some tree nuts. It tells you about your allergens.

This was very tasty as well, but I prefer the tuna melt. I was able to bring half of my sandwich home because it was so big and so tasty that yes, I wrapped it up and had it the next day for lunch. We really enjoy this place! Each sandwich, however, was $12.95 plus tax. But I did make two meals out of it, so that was a good deal. So yes, go see and visit and eat at The Butcher’s Son in Berkeley or anywhere else you might find it, because it’s all vegan, and we say be vegan!

Shout out to D’Lish – Restaurant Review

I also wanted to mention at this point that when we were back in San Diego a couple of weeks ago now, we were able to go to the D’Lish restaurant, and did you know it now has a vegan menu on the front page?

It’s all vegan, all the time. And then they have vegan options for their pizzas as well. I was so happy to go there and have a vegan meal, that I brought the pizza home for later. That’s a great shout out to D’Lish restaurant in Chula Vista area of San Diego.

That ends this portion of the episode, where we talk about the food. After the break, we are going to talk all about the Anonymous for the Voiceless activities that I participated in in Santa Monica and Santa Clara, so stay tuned.

“Anonymous for the Voiceless”

Thank you for joining us again on the podcast. This section of this episode is going to be all about the Anonymous for the Voiceless. I was first drawn to this method of activism because I saw it in Balboa Park in San Diego during an Earth Day. What it is is a group of people who stand in formation where there’s at least one on each side of a cube, and they’re holding either TV screens or computer screens, which you have to get up really close to see.

When you see what’s on those TV screens, it’s very graphic. It’s the footage from the show ‘Dominion‘, which you can watch on YouTube; or Earthlings… from different documentaries that show how the animals are treated as they are sent to slaughter and how they’re raised on the factory farms. These are very graphic videos and very, very bloody.

When people walk past the cube, if they’re interested in seeing what’s going on, they can come over to see the TV screens. If they’re not interested, they keep walking. What I have found is I really enjoy this kind of activism because I feel it’s more educational.

We’re not yelling at anybody, we’re not screaming at people, we’re not in their face, but actually we are kind of in their face because when they get close to the screens and they see what’s going on, we can see from their face how they are feeling, perhaps. That’s how I approach somebody who’s stopped and looking.

I am usually in the outreach part of the group, so then I’ll go up to that person and just ask them how they’re feeling or have they ever seen this kind of footage before. Then we have a conversation and it’s very fulfilling for me to be able to educate people, but it’s also, I think, very enlightening for them to see that the truth has been withheld from all of us for so long. All we’re trying to do is show them what’s really going on!

The way you find out about The Cubes of Truth, they’re called, is you can go onto the Anonymous for the Voiceless website. It’s and you can find all sorts of information about them. Right from the front page, they say,

“Anonymous for the Voiceless, AV, is an animal rights organization that specializes in educating the public on animal exploitation and fostering highly effective activism communities worldwide. We hold an abolitionist stance against animal exploitation and promote a clear vegan message. There is a community of over 100,000 people so far.”

I have participated in The Cube of Truth in several cities … In El Paso, in San Diego, in Santa Monica, and in Santa Clara.

Shout out to Activists

So I have met a lot of people along the way and at this point, I want to shout out to some of my new activist friends, Kole and Pauline who are organizers of the AV Santa Clara. Wonderful, wonderful activists! Very busy, very active and lots of positive vibes coming from both of them.

Shout out to Kole and to Pauline. Also, when you get up to Santa Monica, I want to shout out to Juval, who was organizing that Santa Monica Cube as well as the West Coast Unity Cube that I was able to participate in on two different weekends.

Then also in Santa Clara, Tracy and her daughter Jenna, great job girls!

Also, Sato and Manuel … oh my gosh, these two were so effective in their outreach activities there in Santa Clara! I really enjoyed listening to them.

Then, I met Sam and Casey, go girls! Keep up the good work!

It’s not always fun and games and easy peasy talking to people about this topic because it is pretty graphic and it’s pretty amazing footage when you think about it! About how people went into these slaughterhouses and factory farms and took the undercover video and then put it into a documentary for all of us to see.

We get different kinds of reactions all the time. Sometimes positive, but sometimes people walk by and we get the hecklers. You know, they don’t stop, but they walk by and they say things like,

“Mmm, love bacon, keep eating the bacon.” Other times, moms would let their kids watch. They’ll stop as their 10 year old is watching the video and they can stop. I say to them,

“Are you sure you want to let your child watch this?” They’re like,

“Sure. I think the truth is important.” And then we have a full on conversation about it all, which is always a wonderful thing in my opinion.

Also, I have the moms who will shield their kids’ eyes as they walk by and then yell things like,

“How dare you showing this graphic video to my kids.”

Of course, we also have the people who really react emotionally to the videos and they start crying and then we go over and comfort them and have a conversation as well.

Our goal at The Cube and in the Outreach is to plant seeds and to let people make their own decisions when they might come to that decision. As we are showing them the graphic videos, we aren’t trying to yell at them or scream at them or convince them to do anything they’re not ready to do. But we are trying to plant seeds.

If you see one of these Cubes of Truth out there stop by and have a chat! We usually try to be in a busy place in town, such as a farmer’s market or the outside mall area where it’s all legal for people to demonstrate in this great country of ours. My idea about the Cube of Truth is it’s not for everyone. It’s not the only kind of activism you can do, but if you are vegan, we encourage you to get out there and get involved!

Thus ends another episode of “The Two Vegans on a Mission” podcast. In the meantime, you can go see our Instagram¬† @heaveninaclassc and follow our travels. That’s more up to date, as we record these podcasts one week later.

You can read a transcript of this podcast on our website at

Join us next week, and we hope you do. We’re going to be heading towards some wineries and casinos and then into Portland where we’re looking to really get involved with the vegan scene there.

Please join us next week, same time, same place, and be vegan!

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We are a retired teacher, Louisa, and a retired physician assistant, Michael, married for 39 years, who want to help busy travelers begin and maintain a healthy life-style while on the road.


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